While many new parents plan on returning to their office job eventually, there are those who prefer staying at home and being with their kids most of the time. However, that doesn’t mean only the former get to work and provide for the family.

We live in the age of modern technology – a lot of things are now available thanks to the internet and other media, so in that name – here are some of the most popular online jobs you can do as a stay-at-home parent.

Freelance Writing

Freelancing has been a lucrative market for quite some time now, mostly thanks to the ever-growing number of stay-at-home parents. Working as a freelance writer doesn’t require much time, yet it’s known to bring quite a lot of money to the ones who mastered this interesting business.

The best thing about this “job” is that you can write about whatever you want – from dog training to real estate. No matter what you choose as your main subject, be persistent and creative about it if you wish to succeed.

Real estate for dogs – a million dollar idea right there!

Online Tutoring

Face-to-face tutoring is a thing of the past. It takes a lot of time for a tutor to reach the student and to come back home, and commuting is exactly the thing you want to avoid as a stay-at-home parent.

Instead, you can become an online tutor. If you have a degree and the will to share your knowledge, many websites will appreciate the service you can provide and reward you handsomely for it, too.

Pet Sitting/Walking

You know how kids always ask for a puppy or a kitten? Well, if you want to fulfill their wishes without having to burden yourself with taking care of a pet, you should check out pet sitting.

Walking the neighborhood dogs or looking after a cat for a couple of hours isn’t demanding work, but it pays decently. Plus, you can take your children along with you – talk about killing two birds with one stone.