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Although it sounds fairly simple, being able to actually find a job you truly like and excel at it is exceptionally hard.

As 99% of the population still suffers from the world economy crisis, and a huge amount of people can’t find any job to support their families, doing what you love and loving what you do sounds like the biggest luxury of the modern era.

If you’re not sure whether you’re on the right career path, check out these 7 signs that will tell you if you’re on the wrong career path.

Sign No.1 – You Neither Like It Nor Dislike It

What if you kind of like your job (or just don’t dislike it completely) and don’t mind making a successful career of it, yet, you’re still uncertain whether it’s right for you personally? Have you been in the dark all this time? Most definitely yes.

Sign No.2 – You’re Bored

If your job and the work you do don’t:

  • excite you
  • inspire you to be better at it
  • make you proud as an employee
  • make you get out of bed

you should reassess your situation.

Sing No.3 – You Don’t See Yourself There In XY Years

Not many people get to do the job they love from the very beginning of their careers. But just because something’s rare doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive to achieve it. If you can’t see yourself doing the same job in 5-20 years, you need to give yourself the opportunity to find something else.

Sign No.4 – You Have Low Energy

If the simple acts of:

  • getting out of bed
  • going to work
  • going to bed early
  • staying awake until the proper bedtime

asks for a huge exercise of willpower, you’re probably on the wrong career path.

Sign No.5 – You’re Jealous Of Other People’s Jobs

Being happy with your friends’ success and acknowledging the fact that they have great jobs they love is one thing. However, being jealous of them and starting to develop negative feelings towards them because of their jobs – is something completely different.

Sign No.6 – You’re On Autopilot

It’s perfectly normal to experience days when:

  • your heart is just not in the work you’re doing
  • your mind escapes from the task at hand
  • you are easily distracted.

That feeling of work-related apathy usually goes away after you’ve finished some important task and have done some quality work for your company. However, if the feeling stays with you for longer periods of time, it might be time to seek  another job which will actually bring out the best in you.

Sign No.7 – Your Inner Child Wants To Slap You

We can’t all be astronauts, doctors, fashion moguls, or anything else we’ve dreamt of being as children. But if you have a feeling that your inner child would slap the present you if it saw you at work– trust that feeling.