Let’s be real here – Russia was almost never a fan-favorite. Ever since the days of the chaotic Tartar barbarians, this country has been that weird kid everyone tends to stay away from.

And while the days of the Cold War are over, Russia still maintains its infamy. Nowadays, this Euro-Asian country is under international scrutiny mostly due to being involved in events in the Middle East and Ukraine.

But if you thought this is the worst they can do, you should think again.

Women And Children First

Everybody knows how badass Vladimir Putin can be. He goes hunting without a shirt, he doesn’t need tools to catch fish, and he even rides a freaking bear! Nonetheless, the Western world sees him as the ultimate puppet master, and apparently, his country fears the same thing.

As it happens, a Russian nationwide television Zvezda recently transmitted this message: “Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.”

The TV that broadcasted this ominous warning the other day is actually run by the Ministry of Defense. Interestingly enough, when journalists looked into the matter, information about underground shelters being built surfaced.

These newly-build shelters can house up to 12 million people, which is near the exact number of residents in Moscow.

Shortly after this was discovered, Putin proposed a law on Monday that would suspend the Moscow-Washington agreement about disposing weapons-grade plutonium.

But Wait, There’s More!

After all of that happened, the Arms Control Association said: “United States and Russia still deploy more than 1,500 strategic warheads on several hundred bombers and missiles – far more than necessary to deter nuclear attack – and they are modernizing their nuclear delivery systems.”

Now, we all know that nuclear weaponry pretty much determines the spot on the power scale on which a country will land.

And seeing as the US and Russia are arguably the biggest forces in the world, it’s safe to conclude that these two countries really do have the most nuclear missiles.

Things could be better for the United States. If this turn of events in Russia wasn’t enough, there are also things like:

  • Donald Trump
  • Hurricane Matthew
  • ISIS

Nothing can be compared to a nuclear war, of course, but is this a possible scenario? Sure it is, just not at this moment. In other words, these events should be taken as panic mongering and nothing else.