Finding a great job is not as easy as some people think. However, if you have the right kind of skills and a killer portfolio, it can actually be a walk in the park (sometimes even literally, if you are applying for a dog walker job).

Jokes, aside, when applying for your dream-job, you need one crucial document – a resume.

This form of personal information has proven to be the best way of providing a potential employer with your:

  • Background
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Hobbies
  • and anything else that may interest them in the simplest way possible.

What you might not know is that there’s an extremely easy way of creating the perfect curriculum vitae – a way that includes only 7 simple steps which you can easily remember.

So, what makes an ideal resume?

1. Keep It Simple

A resume is not a place where you should share your creative side and your love for glitter, neon colors and hot-rods (unless you’re applying for a position in a hot-rod glitter restoration company).

2. Keep It Clean

Every segment of your CV should be separated. Make sure you use only:

  • professional fonts
  • bulleting
  • numeration (if necessary),

and don’t be shy to click that Bold option every once in a while.

3. Keep It Professional

Your picture should be positioned at the top of the document, next to the “Personal Information” segment. Choose wisely which picture you want to use, and always opt for the one that looks the most professional. A simple head-shot should suffice (and no sunglasses!).

4. Keep It Smart

First of all, start with writing your personal information such as your

  • name
  • age
  • contact number
  • contact e-mail, etc.

5. Keep It Honest

After this segment, it’s advised to write about your education and some additional classes or courses you might have taken.

State your work experience (with the amount of time you spent on each position). Don’t lie, because everything will eventually come to light.

6. Keep It Brief

Don’t go overboard with the information you provide, and avoid writing essay-like sentences. Keep it:

  • Clean
  • Short
  • Concise
  • Professional

Using bulleting is the perfect solution for this. Simply stating the data is more than enough.

7. Keep It Real

The fact that you make a killer roast shouldn’t be mentioned unless you’re applying for a cooking gig (and even then, it can be conducted in a more professional way).

State your biggest qualities, which make you the perfect candidate for the job.  And NEVER try to oversell yourself.