A massive clown hysteria has taken over the US, and the seriousness of what seemed as a joke at first is starting to become clear to everyone, especially to police departments all over the country. If you’ve been out of the loop or just wondering what in sweet apple-pie’s name these people are doing, you’re about to get a surge of clown-related information.

In late August this year, reports came from South Carolina that a couple of clowns were spotted trying to lure some children into the woods. And thus the clown frenzy was born!

A national phenomenon started taking place in random towns in more than two dozen states. Clowns were spotted:

  • in residential areas
  • in front of schools
  • in markets
  • near woods, etc.

Some of them were even caught on security cameras, lurking around people’s houses.

Police In Despair

While no clowns were actually arrested for “clown-related activity,” some young pranksters were let go after their “situation” was proven to be a hoax. However, the detectives now have the most problems with people who are reacting extremely negatively to the situation. They are panicking, investigating the sightings themselves, and forming groups to host massive clown hunts!

Luckily, no clown-related mass hysteria has led to any serious injuries or deaths yet.

Police departments all over the country try to calm the masses by issuing statements that there are no credible clown threats.


While the police tries to calm people down, the masses continue to panic. Even Stephen King, the most popular writer in the horror genre pleaded people to calm down via his Twitter page. Many argued that King’s reaction was slightly ironic, since he’s is responsible for creating Pennywise, the most terrifying clown ever, who starred in his book “It.”

The book was turned into a 1990 movie hit, starring Tim Curry. As a remake is now in the works, scheduled to premiere next year, many speculate that all of this is a clever marketing trick to get people into the “clown spirit.”

This all may sound ridiculous, but if you take the fact that coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) is one of the most common phobias out there into consideration, this hysteric behavior makes sense.

No one likes clowns.

Professionals say that the fascination and, ultimately, the fear of clowns has everything to do with the fact that they’re essentially not real. People can’t tell who’s or what’s underneath that makeup-painted extreme emotion.

However, the professional clown community isn’t enjoying this unusual moment of limelight either.

Jordan Jones, a 22-year-old that works part-time portraying Snuggles the Clown in a haunted house, claims that he’s in fear for his life. According to Jones, a group of out-of-control teenagers might take a swing at him or worse, and he’s especially afraid of clown hunting groups. He started a Clown Lives Matter movement on his Facebook page to draw attention to the seriousness of the situation.