Time is a force that cannot be stopped, and it’s no one’s friend. But that doesn’t mean you should get there any faster than you’re supposed to!

Getting older is:

  • Scary
  • Hard
  • And… ultimately inevitable

Yet, we still somehow rush towards it by using or consuming products which make us look and feel older. The majority of those products are, believe it or not, foods and drinks which we happily stuff into our bodies on a daily basis.

1. High-Glycemic Carbs

Everything that can be considered as desert or candy is absolutely packed with high-glycemic carbs, which are known to spike you blood sugar level extremely quickly while aging your body significantly.

As your body breaks down the sugar you’ve consumed, it damages collagen – your skin’s best friend.

Foods with high glycemic carbs:

  • Sugars (from high to low: Maltose, Glucose, Sucrose)
  • Honey
  • Puffed cereals (white rice, wheat, corn, rice cakes)
  • Potatoes ( regular russet, instant, mashed)
  • Candy
  • Bread

2. Alcohol

Side-effects of long-term heavy drinking are well known, alas, social daily drinking can harm you just as much. Too much booze on a daily basis will destroy your skin in several ways, mostly by causing:

  • premature wrinkles
  • redness
  • dehydration
  • puffiness
  • loss of collagen and elasticity

3. Agave

Used as an alternative for sugar, agave has been sweetening up your smoothies and healthy snacks for a long time. However, even though it’s considered to be a much healthier option than classic sugar, agave is packed with huge amounts of fructose, which makes it just as damaging to your body as classic sugar.

4. Fast Food

Fast food is packed with trans fats, due to them being fried in vegetable oil. Trans fats damage your body’s blood vessels (like arteries and veins) by clogging and stiffening them, which in turn damages your skin.

5. Processed Meats

All “salty meats” are process meats – yes, even bacon! Another thing they all have in common are their high levels of:

  • salt
  • sulfites
  • other preservatives,

all of which impact your skin (especially on your face).

6. Soda

According to experts, soda consuming damages the human body as much as smoking! More precisely, a bottle of soda per day could shorten your life by five years.

So learn how to say no! to these:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Pepsi
  • Fanta
  • Sprite…

7. Salty Snacks

In the same way that soda is as dangerous as smoking, salty snacks are as dangerous as sugary sodas. Salty snacks are, well, salty – and all that salt loves to wreck you body like nobody’s business!

Excess salt accelerates cell aging, while negatively impacting our hearts as well.

8. Coffee

Caffeine acts as a diuretic when consumed in larger doses, which in return causes dehydration. And we all know how dehydration affects the human body, particularly the skin!

9. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are basically soda and coffee mutants – they contain both high amounts of sugar and caffeine. The end result – crocodile purse skin and heart issues.