This may sound scary and unrealistic, but women actually aren’t that complicated to impress once you figure out what drives them and how their beautifully complicated brains function.

Today, we reveal the 7 most important things you need to know if you want your crush to finally end up in your arms.

#1 Be Confident

Women love confident men! Men’s confidence means they are desirable among the ladies, and if you as a catch have eyes only for her, it won’t be long before she’s smitten with you.

If you’re not confident, she’s not likely to:

  • Be attracted to you
  • Think you’re great
  • Be impressed by you

#2 Shower Her With The Right Type Of Attention

If you run in the same circles, ‘accidently’ let her friends know you like her instead of sending her flowers. They’ll get the message across and you’ll soon get some sort of feedback.

A few smooth ways to do this:

  • Call her best friend by your crush’s name ‘by mistake’
  • Be cheeky but don’t be pushy
  • Compliments are overrated
  • Being funny works much better

#3 Being Witty Is A Slam Dunk

Speaking of being funny, women love a good sense of humor because it speaks of the guy’s intelligence, and being smart is definitely sexy.

Women choose their partners very differently compared to men, and if you’re funny you have a pretty good chance to impress her.

Every woman wants a guy who:

  • can make her laugh
  • finds similar stuff funny
  • isn’t a wet blanket

#4 Offer Security And Stability

Speaking of security, most women love to feel their man can protect them and if things go well – protect their future families as well.

It’s simply not true that women don’t care about how much you can provide because they do. Understanding women isn’t that difficult when you know they like to plan ahead.

If they are considering dating you they have to be able to see a stable life and bright future with you.

#5 Carry Yourself Well

Women like men who are desirable in the eyes of other women, and one way to achieve that is to carry yourself well.

Basically all women are attracted to men who are:

  • Respectful
  • Confident
  • In control of their lives

You can impress her without even saying a single word if you know how to carry yourself well in her presence.

#6 Be Yourself

Being yourself is probably the single most important thing when it comes to impressing women. If you want to leave a good impression you absolutely must stop caring what she thinks!

It’s true!

It may sound contradictory, but you need to stop:

  • Trying to be unique
  • Acting super cool
  • Trying to look better than other guys

Once you do that women will stop and think you really are different than most other guys they’ve dated because you’re not trying too hard.

#7 Show Your Drive

Women are naturally attracted to guys who are driven and know what they want out of life try this site. Having that masculine energy is incredibly sexy to girls so don’t be afraid to show it.

  • Have goals and actively pursue them
  • Focus on what you’re passionate about
  • Follow your dreams