The art of seduction is something many women are simply born with.

Luckily for those who have not been so fortunate, seducing men can also be a skill acquired later on in life.

Let’s take a look at the 7 most important things to know when on a mission to seduce your crush.

#1 Make Sure You’re Always Nice

This is pretty much a given, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it sometimes. Unwanted attention is a big turnoff so make sure you’re always nice.

  • Be polite when speaking to him
  • Be nice to his friends
  • Especially be nice to his family

Befriend his pals, but don’t reveal your intentions because they may say something that can ruin your chances or make you feel uncomfortable. When the time is right you’ll make your move all on your own.

#2 Pay Attention To Your Poise

Guys are insanely attracted to confident girls and nothing says confidence like a nice posture. Nice posture means you present yourself well, which can sometimes mean everything to your crush.

Keep in mind that men go crazy for women who:

  • Exude a high level of confidence
  • Have postures that scream high self-esteem
  • Act like they are in charge (but don’t overdo this one, though)

Which brings us to:

#3 Be A Tomboy Sometimes

Obviously guys are attracted to girls who are feminine because of their warmth both on the inside and the outside.

Mind you, no one is saying you should throw away your dresses and makeup, but men also like to see women who can relax and let go. Make sure you’re comfortable and sexy:

  • In sweat pants
  • When sitting cross legged
  • When drinking beer

The simple reason why men like to see this is because it tells them that a girl can fit in well with his friends.

#4 Wear Your Hair Down

Men truly have no idea how difficult it is to have long, healthy, sexy-looking hair, but all that trouble actually pays off because men are crazy about women who wear their hair down.

Regardless of how messy you think your hair looks, guys will tell you it’s always better when it’s down. Always.

To men wearing your hair down means you:

  • Feel sexy yet relaxed
  • Are charming and down to earth
  • Like to have fun

#5 Speech Can Be Sexy

A woman’s voice can be incredibly sexy to a man. Often the way you talk is what makes you attractive to the opposite sex, especially if your speech is:

  • Fluent
  • Flows easily
  • Eloquent

This point takes us back to the fact that men love confident women, and there is nothing that exudes confidence quite like her sexy voice or her eloquence.

#6 Being Educated Is Cool

Some will argue that education can be a hit or miss when it comes to men being attracted to highly educated women.

Apart from those who can be intimidated by it, most men will find educated women very attractive because:

  • They can converse more easily
  • Educated women are presentable
  • Being smart is always sexy

#7 Be Bossy

Men just love it when women take charge. Reach for those reigns if you want to sweep him off his feet, but be careful not to pull too much.

Men love women who can handle themselves and they admire and respect their:

  • Take-charge attitude
  • Independence
  • Guts