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Being in a long-term relationship or marriage brings wonderful moments of shared happiness and security.

On the other hand, as life grinds us away it’s sometimes difficult not to neglect your partner and slowly but surely fall into a relationship rut.

Luckily, merely being aware of it can help you get on the right path, enjoy the time spent with your partner again, and go back to being happy together.

Sign #1: You’d Rather Be Elsewhere

Constantly wishing you were somewhere else doing anything but spending time with your partner is a definite sign you’re stuck. To minimize these situations:

  • Openly talk to your partner about them
  • Spend time outside as opposed to at home
  • Go jogging or cycling together

Sign #2: You’re Constantly Fighting

Fighting all the time can be exhausting, and it just drains every little bit of energy you have left in you. Next time you start to argue with your partner:

  • Remember you’re talking to someone you love
  • Talk in a calm, rational manner
  • Come back to the argument once you’ve both calmed down

Sign #3: You’re Not Having Sex

As time goes on, passion will definitely cool down, and you’ll find yourself going through sexless phases in your relationship. Talk to your partner to make sure:

  • There is nothing wrong happening under the surface
  • You find ways to spice your sex life back up again together
  • Kiss as much as you can and hold hands when walking

Sign #4: You’re Not Talking Much

Not having much to say to your partner or always talking about the same topics, people and ideas can get tedious after a while. Try to:

  • Read or watch the news together and discuss world issues
  • Have debates on the topics you both find interesting
  • Listen to podcasts together and talk about them

Sign #5: You’re Doing The Same Things Every Night

Night after night you eat dinner, watch some TV, and then go to bed. After a while you’re likely to find yourself bored out of your mind. Make it a priority to:

  • Cook together
  • Take an art class or attend a lecture
  • Pick something new to do every week

Sign #6: You Disagree Over Housework

No matter how much you talk about it you don’t seem to be able to find common ground when it comes to housework. To overcome this obstacle, you need to:

  • Do housework together
  • Divide the chores
  • Next week switch the chores

Sign #7: You’re Not Feeling Each Other

Even the most stable of couples go through periods of crisis. Make sure you:

  • Don’t panic
  • Talk to your partner about the issues
  • Discuss couple’s therapy
  • Take a trip together