Google has us covered in all aspects of our lives. One of its most useful and most used features, the Google Calendar, has some nifty options you were probably unaware of.

Try them out and make your GC experience even easier!

1. Speaking Instead Of Typing

This nifty app can be used to create Calendar events, and you don’t even have to type to do it! Simply speak “create event” after tapping the app’s icon, and then let the app take it from there.

2. Weather Options

Your Google Calendar also has the option of displaying weather forecasts. To activate it, click the gear symbol, select settings, and then just scroll down to “show weather based on my location.”

3. Multiple Calendars

The option of having multiple, as well as group calendars, allows Google Calendar users to keep separate or to share business, personal, and departmental appointments.

You can also:

  • share calendars with other people
  • import calendars from other people

4. Group Rescheduling

Google Calendar users went crazy over its “smart rescheduler,” and they are definitely into its newest form, the “find the time tab.” By using this function, you can find a free time in all calendars shared with you after you’ve created an event.

5. Linking Personal Calendars

You don’t have to log out of your Google work account and then log into your personal one to view your personal appointments anymore.

Simply link your accounts and make them sync with one another.

6. Customize Viewable Hours

Whether you work from nine to five or you do hard-core graveyard shifts, Google Calendar is now allowing you to:

  • customize viewable hours to your own liking
  • hide inactive (off work) hours
  • not waste any space on your screen.

To activate this option and customize your hours, simply look under Settings > Labs.

7. Offline Mode

This mode can be easily enabled for any platform, by simply clicking the Offline option under the gear icon. This option is perfect for times when users:

  • don’t have a reliable internet connection
  • need to access their Calendars
  • use Chrome browser.

8. Jump To Calendar Fix

If you’re having trouble with reaching a certain date, whether it may be in the past or future, you can simply fix this glitch with Labs’ Jump To Calendar option.

Look for the fix (Jump To Calendar) under the gear icon > Labs.

9. To-Do Lists

Sometimes you just need a small reminder to do something, without having it appear as equally important as your business meetings. The To-Do List is the perfect choice for times like these.

After you’ve created a to-do list, it will appeal on the right of your calendar. It even has a nifty checkable box!

10. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are life! They are enabled by default, however, you can disable them in General settings.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Q – quick add
  • S – open settings
  • C – create new event
  • D – day view
  • M – month view
  • W – week view
  • E – short event details
  • Ctrl + Z – undo last action
  • Ctrl + S – save changes to event
  • Ctrl + P – print calendar

11. Security Hacks

A lot of effort is put into Google Calendar’s security, and for a good reason. However, if GC’s security level is not enough for you, you can go an extra mile and restrict all event details from getting shared via nothing but free/busy data.

This option will also hide email information of all participants.

Pretty handy!