7 Most Haunted Locations In America That Will Give You Instant Nightmares


Halloween is just around the corner and during this time of the year people simply get addicted to horror movies and spooky stories, and boy, do we have a scary story for you guys. Well, seven scary stories, to be exact.

To celebrate this year’s Halloween, we decided to share with you a list of 7 locations in the USA that people believe are haunted as hell.

Enjoy this spooky ride.

1. The Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco, California

Probably the most famous prison in the world is reportedly haunted by the restless spirits of the inmates who died on this infamous Island. This former military prison served as a federal prison from 1933 until 1963.

During that time inmates were reportedly tortured, violated and kept in horrible isolation. Tourist and people who work on the maintenance of this landmark have allegedly seen some scary things inside the walls.

Tourists saw apparitions wandering the cellblocks, and even heard dreadful voices from what was once the cafeteria.

2. Athens Lunatic Asylum, Ohio

What can be scarier than an old insane asylum, right? Well, Athens Lunatic Asylum in Ohio is one of the spookiest places you’ll ever see.

This mental hospital operated from 1874 until 1993 and it treated some extremely violent patients.

Hundreds of lobotomies took place here.

Many ghost stories are related to this dreadful place, but the most famous one is about Margaret, a deaf-mute patient who supposedly escaped from her room, got trapped in an abandoned ward and died. It is said that traces of her decomposing body can still be seen today.

3. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This spooky place was once a horrible prison. It operated from 1829 to 1971 and people say it was literally “hell on Earth”. The prison staff tortured prisoners and locked them into solitary confinements for 23 hours per day.

The inmates were strapped in “mad chairs” for days without food. Nowadays people say they hear whispers, moaning, and mad laughter at night.

4. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia

This scary place was once a mental hospital and it was active from 1864 until 1994. It was a home to thousands of patients with all sorts of mental illnesses.

Many of them died there and it’s said that some of those people still wander the abandoned halls of this insane asylum. People believe that Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is haunted by the ghosts from the Civil War era.

5. Gettysburg National Park, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Since we mentioned the Civil War era, we simply have to mention the site of the most important battle that took place during the Civil War – Gettysburg. This place was actually named the most haunted location in America.

According to the famous story that took place in an old building, a group of students got stuck in an elevator that took them all the way to the basement all by itself.

When the door opened students saw a fully functional operating room, packed with bloody surgeons in old uniforms, who looked up and saw them. Scared for their lives, kids quickly got the elevator moving up and managed to escape.

6. Joshua Ward House, Salem, Massachusetts

This spooky place is known as one of the most haunted houses in the United States. Joshua Ward House was built on the foundation of the home of George Corwin who was a Sheriff during the famous Salem witch trials.

Corwin was a cruel man who tortured and killed Giles Corey, a local man who was charged with witchcraft. Corwin placed Corey under the board piled with rocks until he was crushed to death.

People say that ghosts of both Corwin and Corey haunt the Joshua Ward House today.

7. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

This famous hotel inspired Stephen King to write one of the most iconic horrors of all time – The Shinning.

It was open back in 1909, but just two years later a housekeeper, Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, suffered a terrible electrical accident. The legend says that Ms. Wilson still takes a very special care of people who dare to stay in the infamous room 217.

7 Women Facts You Need To Know To Seduce Your Crush Instantly


This may sound scary and unrealistic, but women actually aren’t that complicated to impress once you figure out what drives them and how their beautifully complicated brains function.

Today, we reveal the 7 most important things you need to know if you want your crush to finally end up in your arms.

#1 Be Confident

Women love confident men! Men’s confidence means they are desirable among the ladies, and if you as a catch have eyes only for her, it won’t be long before she’s smitten with you.

If you’re not confident, she’s not likely to:

  • Be attracted to you
  • Think you’re great
  • Be impressed by you

#2 Shower Her With The Right Type Of Attention

If you run in the same circles, ‘accidently’ let her friends know you like her instead of sending her flowers. They’ll get the message across and you’ll soon get some sort of feedback.

A few smooth ways to do this:

  • Call her best friend by your crush’s name ‘by mistake’
  • Be cheeky but don’t be pushy
  • Compliments are overrated
  • Being funny works much better

#3 Being Witty Is A Slam Dunk

Speaking of being funny, women love a good sense of humor because it speaks of the guy’s intelligence, and being smart is definitely sexy.

Women choose their partners very differently compared to men, and if you’re funny you have a pretty good chance to impress her.

Every woman wants a guy who:

  • can make her laugh
  • finds similar stuff funny
  • isn’t a wet blanket

#4 Offer Security And Stability

Speaking of security, most women love to feel their man can protect them and if things go well – protect their future families as well.

It’s simply not true that women don’t care about how much you can provide because they do. Understanding women isn’t that difficult when you know they like to plan ahead.

If they are considering dating you they have to be able to see a stable life and bright future with you.

#5 Carry Yourself Well

Women like men who are desirable in the eyes of other women, and one way to achieve that is to carry yourself well.

Basically all women are attracted to men who are:

  • Respectful
  • Confident
  • In control of their lives

You can impress her without even saying a single word if you know how to carry yourself well in her presence.

#6 Be Yourself

Being yourself is probably the single most important thing when it comes to impressing women. If you want to leave a good impression you absolutely must stop caring what she thinks!

It’s true!

It may sound contradictory, but you need to stop:

  • Trying to be unique
  • Acting super cool
  • Trying to look better than other guys

Once you do that women will stop and think you really are different than most other guys they’ve dated because you’re not trying too hard.

#7 Show Your Drive

Women are naturally attracted to guys who are driven and know what they want out of life try this site. Having that masculine energy is incredibly sexy to girls so don’t be afraid to show it.

  • Have goals and actively pursue them
  • Focus on what you’re passionate about
  • Follow your dreams

7 Things You Need To Know About Men To Seduce Your Crush Instantly


The art of seduction is something many women are simply born with.

Luckily for those who have not been so fortunate, seducing men can also be a skill acquired later on in life.

Let’s take a look at the 7 most important things to know when on a mission to seduce your crush.

#1 Make Sure You’re Always Nice

This is pretty much a given, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it sometimes. Unwanted attention is a big turnoff so make sure you’re always nice.

  • Be polite when speaking to him
  • Be nice to his friends
  • Especially be nice to his family

Befriend his pals, but don’t reveal your intentions because they may say something that can ruin your chances or make you feel uncomfortable. When the time is right you’ll make your move all on your own.

#2 Pay Attention To Your Poise

Guys are insanely attracted to confident girls and nothing says confidence like a nice posture. Nice posture means you present yourself well, which can sometimes mean everything to your crush.

Keep in mind that men go crazy for women who:

  • Exude a high level of confidence
  • Have postures that scream high self-esteem
  • Act like they are in charge (but don’t overdo this one, though)

Which brings us to:

#3 Be A Tomboy Sometimes

Obviously guys are attracted to girls who are feminine because of their warmth both on the inside and the outside.

Mind you, no one is saying you should throw away your dresses and makeup, but men also like to see women who can relax and let go. Make sure you’re comfortable and sexy:

  • In sweat pants
  • When sitting cross legged
  • When drinking beer

The simple reason why men like to see this is because it tells them that a girl can fit in well with his friends.

#4 Wear Your Hair Down

Men truly have no idea how difficult it is to have long, healthy, sexy-looking hair, but all that trouble actually pays off because men are crazy about women who wear their hair down.

Regardless of how messy you think your hair looks, guys will tell you it’s always better when it’s down. Always.

To men wearing your hair down means you:

  • Feel sexy yet relaxed
  • Are charming and down to earth
  • Like to have fun

#5 Speech Can Be Sexy

A woman’s voice can be incredibly sexy to a man. Often the way you talk is what makes you attractive to the opposite sex, especially if your speech is:

  • Fluent
  • Flows easily
  • Eloquent

This point takes us back to the fact that men love confident women, and there is nothing that exudes confidence quite like her sexy voice or her eloquence.

#6 Being Educated Is Cool

Some will argue that education can be a hit or miss when it comes to men being attracted to highly educated women.

Apart from those who can be intimidated by it, most men will find educated women very attractive because:

  • They can converse more easily
  • Educated women are presentable
  • Being smart is always sexy

#7 Be Bossy

Men just love it when women take charge. Reach for those reigns if you want to sweep him off his feet, but be careful not to pull too much.

Men love women who can handle themselves and they admire and respect their:

  • Take-charge attitude
  • Independence
  • Guts

15 Google Calendar Tips You Won’t Be Able To Live Without


Google has us covered in all aspects of our lives. One of its most useful and most used features, the Google Calendar, has some nifty options you were probably unaware of.

Try them out and make your GC experience even easier!

1. Speaking Instead Of Typing

This nifty app can be used to create Calendar events, and you don’t even have to type to do it! Simply speak “create event” after tapping the app’s icon, and then let the app take it from there.

2. Weather Options

Your Google Calendar also has the option of displaying weather forecasts. To activate it, click the gear symbol, select settings, and then just scroll down to “show weather based on my location.”

3. Multiple Calendars

The option of having multiple, as well as group calendars, allows Google Calendar users to keep separate or to share business, personal, and departmental appointments.

You can also:

  • share calendars with other people
  • import calendars from other people

4. Group Rescheduling

Google Calendar users went crazy over its “smart rescheduler,” and they are definitely into its newest form, the “find the time tab.” By using this function, you can find a free time in all calendars shared with you after you’ve created an event.

5. Linking Personal Calendars

You don’t have to log out of your Google work account and then log into your personal one to view your personal appointments anymore.

Simply link your accounts and make them sync with one another.

6. Customize Viewable Hours

Whether you work from nine to five or you do hard-core graveyard shifts, Google Calendar is now allowing you to:

  • customize viewable hours to your own liking
  • hide inactive (off work) hours
  • not waste any space on your screen.

To activate this option and customize your hours, simply look under Settings > Labs.

7. Offline Mode

This mode can be easily enabled for any platform, by simply clicking the Offline option under the gear icon. This option is perfect for times when users:

  • don’t have a reliable internet connection
  • need to access their Calendars
  • use Chrome browser.

8. Jump To Calendar Fix

If you’re having trouble with reaching a certain date, whether it may be in the past or future, you can simply fix this glitch with Labs’ Jump To Calendar option.

Look for the fix (Jump To Calendar) under the gear icon > Labs.

9. To-Do Lists

Sometimes you just need a small reminder to do something, without having it appear as equally important as your business meetings. The To-Do List is the perfect choice for times like these.

After you’ve created a to-do list, it will appeal on the right of your calendar. It even has a nifty checkable box!

10. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are life! They are enabled by default, however, you can disable them in General settings.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Q – quick add
  • S – open settings
  • C – create new event
  • D – day view
  • M – month view
  • W – week view
  • E – short event details
  • Ctrl + Z – undo last action
  • Ctrl + S – save changes to event
  • Ctrl + P – print calendar

11. Security Hacks

A lot of effort is put into Google Calendar’s security, and for a good reason. However, if GC’s security level is not enough for you, you can go an extra mile and restrict all event details from getting shared via nothing but free/busy data.

This option will also hide email information of all participants.

Pretty handy!

Earthlings, Get Ready For A HUGE Celestial Spectacle! – The Orionid Meteor Shower


If you ask astronomy lovers all around the world to tell you what their favorite month is, they will all say it’s October, without any hesitation.

So why is October so special?

Well, it’s pretty simple actually – during this month our beloved planet is passing through debris left behind by three amazing comets.

This year Earth is traveling through the tail of the magnificent Halley’s comet, which will cause a spectacular meteor shower called The Orionid Meteor Shower.

This extraordinary occurrence will last until November the 14th, but you shouldn’t wait that long because this meteor shower is going to reach its peak October 20-21.

Who Will Be Able To See The Meteor Shower?

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to see this breathtaking sky event. The best chance of viewing this meteor shower will have the people located across the plains and the southwestern part of the United States.

If you happen to be in the eastern part of the US, you probably won’t be able to see the meteor shower, but hey, keep looking up, you may spot something up there after all.

How To See It?

You have the best chance of seeing this rather bright meteor shower if you’re located somewhere where there’s no light pollution and cloud coverage.

In order to spot The Orionid Meteor Shower, you need to do the following:

  • Head for the outskirts of your town/city
  • Find an isolated place without light pollution (forest or a valley)
  • Locate the constellation of Orion in the Northern Hemisphere
  • Pay attention to the small chunks of dusty ice streaking through the atmosphere

What Causes The Orionid Meteor Shower?

During its voyage through the Solar System, Halley’s comet gets a too hot which causes parts of her icy structure to instantly turn into gas.

This majestic comet comes from distant and cold reaches of space and when it enters our Solar System it experiences overwhelming temperature difference.

This causes spectacular gaseous outbursts that launch solid segments out into space along with them. Some of those solid parts head towards our planet but they immediately burn out in Earth’s atmosphere.

This is what makes this meteor shower so spectacular.

The Orionid meteor shower isn’t the only meteor shower caused by this restless and majestic comet. Halley’s comet actually produces plenty showers during its voyage and one of those meteor showers is the famous Eta Aquariids which occurs each May.

Just keep looking up!

7 Apps That Will Make You Go iOS Today


Nowadays, pretty much everyone owns at least one cellular device that they use to communicate with others, but also to have access to the internet, listen to music, take photos, and do many more useful and interesting activities.

But making the right choice isn’t that easy.

There’s an ongoing battle between Android and Apple smartphones – and we’re here to help you choose the latter with these 7 amazing apps!

1. Launch Center Pro

Let’s start with the very basics. Launch Center Pro is not only an app, but THE app when it comes to organizing your iPhone in the best way possible.

This incredible launcher app includes features such as:

  • Tabs
  • Shortcuts
  • Customizable menus
  • Total control over your iPhone

2. Fantastical 2

Speaking of organizing, here’s another iOS app that will freshen up and upgrade your calendar.

Fantastical 2 is the second version of the app and it provides you with enough tools that you’ll never want to change it. This app affects your:

  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Notes

3. Tweetbot 3

Twitter has become the natural habitat of most smartphone users, but when it comes to the iOS, nothing beats Tweetbot 3.

The app in question takes the innate interface of Twitter and upgrades it so meticulously that using it is much more efficient. Definitely, a must have for any tweeter with an iPhone.

4. MyFitnessPal

When you get bored with checking out your Twitter feed, it’s time to become active in order to stay fit. In that name, we present to you MyFitnessPal.

Tracking your fitness progress has never been easier, because this app:

  • Makes for a perfect weight loss and workout companion
  • Is easy to navigate and use

5. Foursquare

Are you ready to take your iPhone out? If your answer is yes, we’ve got just the thing you need.

Foursquare is an iOS app that has long been praised for its:

  • Check-in service
  • Bar and restaurant menus
  • Easy-to-use interface

6. Mileage Log+

Planning on going out is one thing, but actually getting somewhere is a whole other story, and that’s why Mileage Log+ is here!

This app is mainly used for tracking mileage, but it can also:

  • Show maps
  • Create routes
  • Calculate travel times
  • Give traffic reports

7. PCalc

While we’re staying on the topic of awesome iOS utility apps, we can’t help but mention the best calculator app the iPhone has ever seen!

The greatness of the PCalc lies in:

  • Simple interface
  • Multiple calculation options
  • Easy unit converter

7 Signs You’re In A Relationship Rut (And How To Fix It)

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-563" src="http://www.lifedesigncafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/bigstock-Troubled-couple-having-coffee-60338483 viagra for men online.jpg” alt=”bigstock-troubled-couple-having-coffee-60338483″ width=”780″ height=”370″ srcset=”http://www.lifedesigncafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/bigstock-Troubled-couple-having-coffee-60338483.jpg 780w, http://www.lifedesigncafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/bigstock-Troubled-couple-having-coffee-60338483-300×142.jpg 300w, http://www.lifedesigncafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/bigstock-Troubled-couple-having-coffee-60338483-768×364.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 780px) 100vw, 780px” />

Being in a long-term relationship or marriage brings wonderful moments of shared happiness and security.

On the other hand, as life grinds us away it’s sometimes difficult not to neglect your partner and slowly but surely fall into a relationship rut.

Luckily, merely being aware of it can help you get on the right path, enjoy the time spent with your partner again, and go back to being happy together.

Sign #1: You’d Rather Be Elsewhere

Constantly wishing you were somewhere else doing anything but spending time with your partner is a definite sign you’re stuck. To minimize these situations:

  • Openly talk to your partner about them
  • Spend time outside as opposed to at home
  • Go jogging or cycling together

Sign #2: You’re Constantly Fighting

Fighting all the time can be exhausting, and it just drains every little bit of energy you have left in you. Next time you start to argue with your partner:

  • Remember you’re talking to someone you love
  • Talk in a calm, rational manner
  • Come back to the argument once you’ve both calmed down

Sign #3: You’re Not Having Sex

As time goes on, passion will definitely cool down, and you’ll find yourself going through sexless phases in your relationship. Talk to your partner to make sure:

  • There is nothing wrong happening under the surface
  • You find ways to spice your sex life back up again together
  • Kiss as much as you can and hold hands when walking

Sign #4: You’re Not Talking Much

Not having much to say to your partner or always talking about the same topics, people and ideas can get tedious after a while. Try to:

  • Read or watch the news together and discuss world issues
  • Have debates on the topics you both find interesting
  • Listen to podcasts together and talk about them

Sign #5: You’re Doing The Same Things Every Night

Night after night you eat dinner, watch some TV, and then go to bed. After a while you’re likely to find yourself bored out of your mind. Make it a priority to:

  • Cook together
  • Take an art class or attend a lecture
  • Pick something new to do every week

Sign #6: You Disagree Over Housework

No matter how much you talk about it you don’t seem to be able to find common ground when it comes to housework. To overcome this obstacle, you need to:

  • Do housework together
  • Divide the chores
  • Next week switch the chores

Sign #7: You’re Not Feeling Each Other

Even the most stable of couples go through periods of crisis. Make sure you:

  • Don’t panic
  • Talk to your partner about the issues
  • Discuss couple’s therapy
  • Take a trip together

Cure For HIV Found? Scientists Say First Ever HIV Patient Cured


An HIV clinical trial in the UK seems to have cured a 44-year-old man infected with HIV virus.

According to The Sunday Times, the new therapy targets the virus when it lies dormant, which has been one of the most difficult things to accomplish in the history of HIV treatment.

The HIV virus has been undetectable in the man’s blood, suggesting that the treatment has rid the patient’s body of it.

Scientists from Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, King’s College London, and Imperial College London have been implementing the study, and so far 50 participants have taken part.

The Berlin Patient

The Berlin Patient is the only known case that has successfully been cured of HIV. Timothy Ray Brown went HIV-free in 2007 when he received a stem cell transplant to treat leukemia.

Brown was given chemotherapy to kill the cancer, which in all likelihood destroyed the white blood cells where HIV tends to reside.

He was then given a bone marrow transplant to replenish his white blood cell count, and the HIV virus has not been detected in his body since.

Brown may have been cured by accident, but the unnamed social worker from London is the first person to be purposefully cured of HIV.

The HIV Treatment History

Killing the HIV virus has been one of the most difficult tasks the scientific and medical communities have ever been faced with.

The virus attaches itself to a cell and uses its DNA to hide and replicate.

HIV therapy that is commonly used today called antiretroviral therapy (ART) can stop the virus from replicating, but it’s powerless against dormant viruses. The virus can sit idle in the body for prolonged periods of time, from months to even decades.

The results of this particular trial give hope to the millions of people around the world, while the researchers are cautiously enthused.

What Happens Next

Scientists involved in the study say the trial is still ongoing and the final results will be published by 2018.
“We are exploring the real possibility of curing HIV,” said Mark Samuels, the managing director of the National Institute for Health Research.

“This is a huge challenge and it’s still early days but the progress has been remarkable.”

The new therapy consists of:

  • Administering a vaccine to immunize the body
  • Administering the new drug Vorinostat

The first phase allows the body to recognize the infected cells, while the drugs help the immune system destroy those cells in the second phase.

Sarah Fidler, a physician from Imperial College involved in the project, said that five more years of testing are necessary before the drug can be administered to patients.

“It has worked in the laboratory and there is good evidence it will work in humans too, but we must stress we are still a long way from any actual therapy.”

11 Jobs That Will Make Every Stay-At-Home Parent Jealous Of You


It’s the 21st century, people. Not only has technology progressed, but stay-at-home parents don’t have to be jobless anymore.

We now have the internet (and the many joys it brings) to help any parent work from home while also raising their kids. In that name, here are 11 jobs any stay-at-home parent would love to do.

1. Freelance Writing

We simply had to start with this one. Working as a freelance writer has been around for quite some time, and for a good reason. It offers:

  • Good pay
  • A way to express your creativity
  • Means to connect with a lot of people

2. Photography

Do you have a good camera? Do you like taking artistic photos? If the answer is yes, you can easily find a job that involves photography. You can do things like:

  • Upload you work to a blog
  • Sell your photos to stock websites
  • Edit and crop other people’s pictures

3. Design

Those of you who have a creative side and a good drawing hand are in luck because many sites are looking for:

  • Logo designers
  • Animations
  • Posters
  • Even memes (I know, right?)

4. Customer Support

If you have enough patience and good communication skills, you’re pretty much all set up to work as a customer support employee.

5. Online Tutoring

Your college degree won’t do you much good by just hanging on the wall, so use it to become an online tutor.

6. Mystery Shopping

You do a lot of shopping anyway if you have kids, so why not combine it with earning some money? Simply go around stores and check out articles and produce, as there are websites that’ll pay you for updating them on things like:

  • Availability
  • Prices
  • Visual impression

7. Cooking Online

Preparing food is an everyday need for all of us more helpful hints. Luckily for stay-at-home parents, it can now also be a part-time job!

You can do things like:

  • Post photos of your meals
  • Share recipes
  • Exchange cooking tips and experiences with others

8. Surveys

Although it may not be exactly a job, taking surveys can certainly be used to create income. This “job” is:

  • Easy
  • Doesn’t take a lot of time
  • Let’s you earn impressive amounts of money

9. Selling Stuff

We all have a lot stuff which we rarely use lying around the house. You can turn this into profit by selling unwanted items via:

  • Garage sales
  • Online sales
  • Exchange of goods

10. Market Research

Believe it or not, but companies that sell products actually care about their buyers. They want to pay for your:

  • Thoughts
  • Opinions
  • Wants
  • Needs

11. Advising

You’re an expert in your field, but parenting isn’t allowing you to utilize that knowledge. Don’t worry though, as you can find people who are looking for online advisors and are willing to pay for their expertise.

7 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Donald Trump Supporters


This election craze is going through the roof and during this campaign period we’ve seen some unbelievable, funny, and shocking things from both Hillary and Trump.

But as the election day is now upon us, more and more celebrities from all parts of the United States are publicly supporting their favorite in this wild presidential race.

From A-List actors and singers to respected businessmen and athletes, here are some of the famous people you wouldn’t believe are hardcore Donald Trump supporters.

1. Bruce Willis

This legendary actor is a die-hard Donald Tramp fan and he’s not ashamed of it. Not only that he doesn’t hide this fact, he sometimes wears clothes that clearly promote and support Trump’s campaign.

He was a guest at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he wore a republican red hat that said: “Make America Great Again“.

2. Kid Rock

This famous musician said he “digs” Donald Trump and he thinks that it is time for a businessman to lead the United States of America.

Kid Rock has a history of supporting republicans as he was previously invested and interested in the political career of Ben Carson.

3. Clint Eastwood

Other than his illustrious acting career, “Dirty Harry” is also well-known for his support towards various republican candidates over the years.

Clint Eastwood supported:

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Richard Nixon (although after the Watergate he openly criticized Nixon’s morality)
  • Ronald Regan
  • John McCain

Eastwood stated that Donald Trump had said a lot of stupid things during his presidential campaign, but he also said that he liked Trump not being a “kiss-ass”.

“He’s onto something because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up”, said the legendary actor.

4. Fran Drescher

The popular “Nanny” is a uterine cancer survivor, healthcare advocate, and LGBT rights activist, so her Trump endorsement may seem a little bit surprising.

“I think he is actually saying a lot of things that other people don’t really have the guts to say”, Fran said.

5. Mark Cuban

The owner of the NBA giants, Dallas Mavericks has publicly stated that he is thrilled with what Donald Trump has to offer.

“He’s the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time. He says what’s on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers.”

6. Mike Tyson

The former professional boxer and the legend of that sport, Mike Tyson, also believes that America should be run like a business. Therefore, a businessman like Trump is a logical choice.

“He should be the president of the United States. Let’s try something new. Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can do the job, gets the job”, said Tyson.

7. Charlie Sheen

Charlie is a wayward soul who has done some pretty shocking things during his acting career, so this shouldn’t surprise us, right?

Well, the fact that he now supports Trump is quite a plot twist simply because Charlie previously said that Trump is “a sad and silly homunculus” and “a shame pile of idiocy.”

However, he recently said he would gladly be Trump’s running mate.